Summer with art: the week on TV

Frame from Tintoretto. The artist who killed painting, 2022, Documentary film, 86 ‘, Directed by Erminio Perocco, Music by Carlo Raiteri and Teho Teardo, Photographer Giovanni Andreota, Editing Matteo Trevisan, A Kublai Film production, ZDF / art, Gebruder Beetz, Videe Spa, Zeta Group | Courtesy of Kublai Film

The “cursed poet” of the Renaissance, the splendors of the Baroque, the transgressions of the avant-gardes and then a lot, a lot of photography: Tintoretto, Bernini, Duchamp, Basquiat, Man Ray, Letizia Battaglia, Annie Leibovitz will animate the week from 8 to 14 August in a long journey between the languages ​​and the protagonists of art. Here are the next television events to mark on the agenda.

From Tintoretto to Duchamp, the proposals of Rai 5
“His work is immense, it includes everything: from still life to God; it is a huge Noah’s ark: I would have moved to Venice only for him! ”. His words are those of Paul Cézanne and his admiration is all for Tintoretto, the sixteenth-century master capable of challenging Michelangelo and Titian, of conquering Rubens and Jackson Pollock. We will find out on Wednesday 10 August at 7.20 pm on Rai 5 in a film completely made in Venice, just like the art of the Renaissance painter. Visionary and very fast in painting, imaginative in inventions, impetuous in character, shrewd – and very modern – in what today we would call marketing strategies, the “first of the cursed poets” is the protagonist of a story written by Erminio Perocco: Tintoretto, the first director it is a cinematic journey between splendor and sacrilege to be followed from street to street, from channel to channel, mesmerized by the bewitching light of the lagoon.

And again from Venice comes another great artist at the center of Rai programming dedicated to culture: we are talking about the legendary Hugo Pratt, which on Thursday 11th at 7.15 pm is revealed in a full-fledged portrait: travels, adventures, curiosities and poetry, up to the darker sides of the famous cartoonist, compose a fresco in which life and work are united in an inextricable intertwining. And a large space dedicated to Corto Maltese, the original hero who earned Pratt recognition as a master of the graphic novel, cannot be missing.

“Duchamp’s intuition” by Guido Talarico. This week on Rai 5 I Courtesy Rai Cultura

The third unmissable event on Rai 5 is for Friday 12 August and revolves around the work of one of the most influential geniuses of modern art: we are talking about Marcel Duchamp, whose revolutionary innovations are the protagonists of the 23rd episode of Art Night. In the documentary Duchamp’s intuition four young Italian artists explore his contemporary legacy and draw inspiration from his work to answer the question: what is talent? The surprises will not be long in coming. The second documentary of the evening, entitled Mammamareinstead, explores the adventure of the contemporary artist Pietro Ruffo between revisited maps and avant-garde installations, to discover the unknown lands of art.

Finally, on Sunday at 8.45 pm the docuserie returns with a second cycle of episodes Tales of Light: four intrepid photographers – Jonathan and Angela Scott, Eric Cheng and Stephen Dupont – are ready to tell the beauty and strength of life on Earth, traveling between Kenya, Namibia and Brazil.

Basquiat, Man Ray and Letizia Battaglia on Sky Arte HD
New York, 1982. A talented young writer and a girl full of determination meet and spark. I’m Madonna and Jean-Michel Basquiatthis week protagonists of the Sky series Urban Myths. An imaginary journey on the trail of a love story that lasted shortly, but destined to influence the careers of both: he at the dawn of his artistic career thanks to his friendship with Andy Warhol, she at work on Lucky Starthe song that will launch it on the American music scene (broadcast on Friday 12 at 19.10).

Madonna and Basquiat. Dreams of glory. This week on Sky Arte HD

Another strange couple peeps out of the Sky Arte schedules. We are in the summer of 1937, the last before the outbreak of the Second World War changed everyone’s lives: Man Ray and Picasso. Trip to the French Riviera by F Levy-Kuentz tells the meeting between the genius of the modern and the surrealist photographer, in a lively company that brings together the créme of the twentieth-century avant-garde in the Midi (Wednesday at 4.30 pm and Sunday at 5.30 pm).

Do you prefer ancient art? The appointment is then for Thursday 11 starting at 9.15 pm with the British art critic and popularizer Waldemar Januszczak ready to unlock the secrets of the most exuberant and bizarre style that the history of art has ever known. In three episodes to be enjoyed all in one breath, The Baroque. From San Pietro to Saint Paul takes us on a journey across Europe from the Eternal City, where it all began with the genius of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, to the iconic London Cathedral.

On Sky Arte this week there is also a lot of photography. The series Photographers will keep us company from Monday to Friday with the stories of talents such as those of Giovanni Gastel, Paolo Pellegrin, Davide Monteleone, Mustafa Sabbagh, and a great night for women as a grand finale After Letizia Battaglia. Shooting the Mafia (Friday 21.15), dedicated to the famous reporter who recently passed away, eight episodes of the series will be broadcast The photographers, to discover the women behind the lens who made Italian photography great. And if that’s still not enough, the documentary on Sunday 14th Annie Leibovitz. Life Through a Lens he will lead us face to face with the lady of British photography, who in recent weeks has caused the world to discuss for bringing the portraits of the Zelenskys to Vogue.

Annie Leibovitz. Life Through a Lens, this week on Sky Arte HD

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