From Achille Castiglioni to the unsolved mysteries of art, the week on TV

An exceptional account of the history of art that travels along the common thread of colors crosses the great unsolved mysteries at the center of the most incredible and fascinating international art thefts of our century.
The mysterious charm of the Mona Lisa conquers the small screen, while an unpublished Raphael at the Scuderie del Quirinale leads us to the discovery of one of the most fascinating exhibitions ever.
This and much more in the week on TV that has just begun.

On Rai 5 Achille Castiglioni inaugurates the new season of Art Night
The new season of Art Night starts again from December 14th. The program dedicated to art by Silvia De Felice and Emanuela Avallone, Massimo Favia, Alessandro Rossi, directed by Andrea Montemaggiori returns with many new features, starting with the broadcast day which will be Wednesday, and no longer Friday. Starting from Wednesday 14 December at 21.15 an exceptional story of the history of art along the common thread of colors will lead the public face to face with Achille Castiglioni. In this itinerary into beauty, which is also a journey into the soul, we will learn more about the architect and designer, twenty years after his death, thanks to the documentary by Valeria Parisi produced by 3D productions, entitled Achille Castiglioni. All with nothing. Irony, curiosity, self-criticism, combined with a profound interest in others, are some of the characteristics that make the Milanese architect one of the great names in Italian design, a designer of 20th-century icons. His lamp Bow of 1962 represents, to date, the most famous and copied piece of furniture in the world.

Achille Castiglioni. All with nothing | Courtesy Rai 5

With generosity and humour, surrounded by his objects, as well as by a surprising amount of games collected throughout his life, Castiglioni talks about himself by sharing his extraordinary desire to critically observe reality and to find new solutions, amazed and amazed at the same time. Viewers will see him on the small screen as he explains, with amused eyes, the reason that prompted him to collect empty cans, bottles with ball caps, tongs, plastic glasses for children.
The documentary then leads us to follow one of the many guided tours of the Foundation following his daughter Giovanna who illustrates her father’s ever-present work. Also speaking to the public about Achille Castiglioni will be the architect Patricia Urquiola, his student at the Milan Polytechnic, engaged in the preparation of the celebratory exhibition at the Triennale. It will be precisely the images of this exhibition that will tell us about a designer who, far from creating schools, has ferried us to the new millennium.

Sky Arte’s agenda is under the sign of mystery
Naples, 2007. An interception, during the investigation of a case of international drug trafficking, puts the prosecutor Vincenza Marra on the trail of two Van Gogh paintings stolen in 2002 in Amsterdam. While Octave Durham and Henk Bijslein recall this incredible theft, at the hands of notorious thieves duo Okkie Durham and Henk Bejslein, a complex investigation by the Dutch police, together with their Italian colleagues, will lead to the recovery of the paintings in 2016.
Van Gogh: Amsterdam, 2002 is the first of six episodes of Art Crimesthe Sky Original docu-series conceived and written by Stefano Strocchi, who also directed four of the six episodes, produced by DocLab, Unknown Media, Sky and RBB/Arte, exclusively on Sky Arte from Tuesday December 13th at 21.15 and streaming only on NOW, also available on demand.

Art Crimes, Episode 2, Frans Hals: Gotha, 1979 | Courtesy Sky

In this thrilling journey from Berlin to Amsterdam, from Budapest to Athens, the series will reveal the mysteries hidden behind the history of the most famous art thefts thanks to the memories of their protagonists: the thieves and detectives. Borrowing from the painstaking dramaturgy of the investigative thriller, with the contribution of the protagonist criminals, prosecutors, lawyers and the art dealers themselves, each film reconstructs the disappearance, the investigation and the discovery of some of the most important masterpieces in the world , through interviews, official archives and trial records. From the Baroque church of San Lorenzo, in Palermo, to hidden monasteries in Greece, Art Crimes takes us inside six incredible stories, including twists, unpredictable endings and breathtaking views.

Leonardo da Vinci, Gioconda, 1503, 53 x 77 cm, Paris, Louvre Museum

But to open the week signed Sky in the sign of yellow will be, Monday 12 December, at 21.15, in the first vision, The mysteries of the Mona Lisa. 500 years after its creation by Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most famous works in the world finally reveals its secrets thanks to new technologies and old documents found.
Thursday 15 December at 12.50 the documentary Raphael at the Scuderie del Quirinale finally it will reveal the largest exhibition ever dedicated to the master of Urbino closed too early due to Covid. Entitled Raphael 1520-1483, the exhibition closed its doors just four days after its opening due to the lockdown connected to the health emergency. The documentary directed by the award-winning English director Phil Grabsky, the new pioneer of the documentary genre dedicated to art, will accompany the public from home face to face with the over two hundred masterpieces featured in the Capitoline exhibition, including paintings and drawings, over half of which brought together for the first time in an exhibition.

Raphael, Female portrait, 16th century National Gallery of the Marches

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