From the mysteries of Caravaggio to the treasures of Europe with Alberto Angela, New Year’s week on TV

Caravaggio (1571 – 1610), Nativity with St. Francis of Assisi and St. Lawrence1600, 268x197cm

Palermo, 1969. In an old oratory in the heart of the city, some thieves take away the Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis of Assisia painting by Caravaggio, destined to disappear without a trace.
This theft, one of the most striking in history, is the focus of the third episode of the docu-series Art Crimesis one of the most exciting appointments in the week that has just begun.
From Paola Agosti’s photography to Banksy’s street art, here is all the art not to be missed on the small screen.

From Caravaggio’s theft to Salvator Mundi. Art on Sky is under the banner of mystery
In 1969, one of the most sensational thefts in the history of art took place in Palermo. Some thieves took away from an old oratory the Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis of Assisi by Caravaggio. From that moment all traces of the work were lost which, according to some, were even burned by the mafia. In 2016 a new investigation conducted by the anti-mafia prosecutor Marzia Sabella finally led to the trail of the masterpiece. Thanks to the collaboration of two bosses, now in the hands of justice, the investigation was finally able to trace the ups and downs of Caravaggio’s masterpiece.
The third episode of the series will reveal them to the public on Tuesday 27 December at 21.15 Art Crimesa Sky Original docu-series in six episodes, conceived and written by Stefano Strocchi, produced by DocLab, Unknown Media, Sky and RBB/Arte, exclusively on Sky Arte, streaming only on NOW and also available on demand.

Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, circa 1490-1519, Oil on panel, 45.4 x 65.6 cm, Abu Dhabi, Private collection

Thursday 29 December at 9.15pm Banksy – the art of rebellion will lead enthusiasts among the creations of the street artist, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery. The thread of mystery guides us towards the new year. Sunday 1 January at 11.55 we will explore the secrets of the art world through Salvator Mundi: The Da Vinci Mystery, the documentary that traces the story of the most expensive painting in the world.

On Rai 1 to discover the “Stars of Europe” with Alberto Angela
Wednesday, December 28, tune in to Rai 1 for the fifth edition of Wonderswhich will have as a subtitle Stars of Europe. Alberto Angela will go beyond the Italian borders to take us on a discovery of the most important UNESCO sites in Europe, from Seville to Athens via Lisbon, Mont Saint-Michel, the Castles of Bavaria, Andalusia. On this journey dedicated to culture and the discovery of iconic places, there will be no shortage of Italian beauties such as Verona.

Plaza de España, Seville | Photo: © Carlos Delgado – Own work | Via Wikimedia Commons

Paola Agosti, the “artisan” of photography, protagonist on Rai 5
On Art Night, the week that has just begun is dedicated to photography. Wednesday 28 December at 21.15 on Rai 5 Neri Marcorè presents Paola Agosti the world in one click, written and directed by Claudia Pampinella in collaboration with Daniele Cini for Talpa Produzioni, in co-production with Rai Cultura and in collaboration with Rai Teche, and with Zadig Productions. The program by Silvia De Felice, and by Emanuela Avallone, Massimo Favia, Alessandro Rossi, directed by Andrea Montemaggiori will turn the spotlight on the professional and biographical career of the “artisan of photography” Paola Agosti, one of the most popular Italian photographers of the twentieth century .
“For me, photography was above all testimony and participation” comments Agosti herself, recounting her vocation in the first person. Through her shots we will follow the wave of the Italian feminist movement of the seventies, the irruption of women into the political scene as social subjects, but also the great political movements such as the election of Salvador Allende in Chile in 1970, the Carnation Revolution in Portugal in 1974, the Beat Generation, the protagonists of culture and art, from Andy Warhol to Marguerite Yourcenar, from Leonardo Sciascia to Dacia Maraini.

Scarmagno (Ivrea) Olivetti, 1973 | Photo: © Paola Agosti

The documentary shot between Paris, Rome, Turin, the Cuneo valleys and Umbria thus becomes a journey punctuated by meetings with significant people in Agosti’s life, from the photographers Augusta Conchiglia and Giovanna Borgese to the writer Sandra Petrignani, from the ethologist Elisabetta Visalberghi to photographer and life partner Zoltan Nagy.
In addition to reconstructing in detail the history of her most loved photographs, the drive that determined them, the reportages, the meetings, the story will also shed light on the motivations that drive the search for roots and the care of memory, so dear to the photographer above all in the more mature part of his life.

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