From Titian to Boccioni, Wednesday on TV is Art Night

Tiziano Vecellio, Bacchus and Ariadne, 1520-3, London, The National Gallery | Courtesy The National Gallery

From the gracious grace of Paola Agosti, queen of the shot, to the visions of Umberto Boccioni, the Art Night journey dedicated to art in all its forms returns to entertain the Rai 5 audience with many new features.
The program by Silvia De Felice, and Emanuela Avallone, Massimo Favia, Alessandro Rossi, directed by Andrea Montemaggiori, returns to channel 23 with a new day of programming and a schedule that will range from photography to painting until June architecture to street art.
The new season, which began on 14 December with the first episode dedicated to Achille Castiglioni, architect and designer, twenty years after his death, has many new features in store, starting from the broadcast day which will be on Wednesday at 21.15 and no longer on Friday.

Endless Titian | Courtesy Art Night

Each week, under the guidance of Neri Marcorè, Art Night will move between Titian’s brushes and Banksy’s graffiti, Boccioni’s visionary power and the timeless beauty of the Venus de Milo, weaving an exceptional story along the common thread of colours, to discover that art is a lens that allows you to look at the world from many different perspectives: light and profound, ironic and dramatic, passing through everything that feeds our imagination.
“A journey into art which is also a journey into our soul. After all, since prehistoric times man has felt the need to represent himself and his life in an image that would leave a sign of his passage. Today, after thousands of years, art is the highest expression of this need: and art is essential for us to understand who we are”.

Wednesday 28 December at 9.15pm premiered on Rai 5, Art Night invites you on a journey into the universe of the Turin photographer Paola Agosti. Neri Marcorè presents Paola Agosti the world in one clicka documentary written and directed by Claudia Pampinella in collaboration with Daniele Cini for Talpa Produzioni, in co-production with Rai Cultura and in collaboration with Rai Teche, and with Zadig Productions, made with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Piemonte Doc Film Fund and Piemonte region.

Paola Agosti, Argentina, 1981 | Courtesy Art Night

The public is invited to browse the professional and biographical path of one of the most significant and appreciated Italian photographers of the twentieth century, who, like few others, was able to grasp and bear witness to the wave of the Italian feminist movement of the seventies and the irruption of women into the political scene as social subjects. Through Agosti’s lens we will follow major political events and movements such as the election of Salvador Allende in Chile in 1970, the Carnation Revolution in Portugal in 1974, the Beat Generation in America, the struggles of workers and students, the end of peasant civilization in Piedmont in the footsteps of Nuto Revelli, Piedmontese emigration to Argentina. In her iconic shots we find Andy Warhol and Orson Welles, but also the Italians Pietro Consagra, Giorgio De Chirico, Leonardo Sciascia.

Neri Marcorè | Courtesy Art Night

From film to brush. Another date to mark on the small screen art agenda is January 4 when Art Night will broadcast Endless Titian, a documentary by Luca and Nino Criscenti, produced by Land Produzioni. We will follow Vecellio’s artistic journey, from the Cadore mountains to Venice where he arrives with brushes imbued with the colors and landscapes of his land and where he manages to collect the legacy of a great pictorial tradition, absorbing Giovanni Bellini’s innovations and working alongside next to Giorgione on the frescoes of the Fondaco dei Tedesco.

Spectators will follow the extraordinary epic of the Cadore artist up to his last marks on the canvas, throughout the Renaissance, up to his legacy which will be collected by the greatest masters of European painting, from Rubens to Caravaggio, from Rembrandt to Velazquez, from Delacroix to the French Impressionists.
To tell the artistic itinerary of the master of Pieve di Cadore will be the three leading experts of Venetian painting present in Italy: Enrico Dal Pozzolo, Augusto Gentili, Stefania Mason, accompanied by the music of Matteo D’Amico who made the relationship between music, poetry and art, his very personal stylistic code.
Myths, loves, sorrows, which illuminate the altarpieces like the portraits, will come to life in a chronological journey that turns the spotlight on many of his masterpieces, to follow an itinerary made up of sudden turns and surprising transformations, from the brilliance of the early years to the disintegration of the pictorial material in the works of old age.

Frame from Formidabile Boccioni | ©

Subsequently, on dates to be defined, Art Night will pay homage to Umberto Boccioni, 140 years after his birth, with Formidable Boccioni, the unpublished documentary written by Eleonora Zamparutti and Piero Muscarà and directed by Franco Rado, a work produced by Originals in collaboration with ITsART and Rai Cultura. From the story on the life and works of the futurist artist through exclusive interviews with the leading experts, collectors and directors of the major museums that house Boccioni’s masterpieces, accompanied by a variety of documents, films and original period materials, the Art Night agenda will lead us into the universe of Luigi Ghirri and again in the bright paths of beauty through an original series entitled The colors of art. Stay tuned!

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