“Perugino 2023” is born, the portal dedicated to Pietro Vannucci 500 years after his death

Pietro Perugino, Eternal Father with Saints Rocco and Romano, detached fresco, 1477-78, Municipal Art Gallery of Deruta (Perugia)

Enter the world of Pietro Vannucci 500 years after his death and delving, in a few clicks, into the canvas, between the places and into the mind of the master to fathom, explore, question his art 500 years after his death.
It happens online thanks to the portal www.perugino2023.org already available in Italian and English, dedicated to the “divine painter” in view of the 500th anniversary of his death which occurs in 2023.

Perugino Portal 2023

Internet users will have the opportunity to browse the complete digital catalog of the approximately 200 works by Pietro Vannucci (of which 105 granted and published, 44 awaiting contractual completion, 47 concession negotiations in progress) and to cross the threshold, albeit virtually, of all the museums, churches and institutions that host them.
There are already 25 partner museums from all over the world (13 Italian and 12 foreign) and suggestive itineraries and multimedia insights held by authoritative art historians.

Launched in Umbria, the region that gave birth to the master of Raphael, the portal is already operational, and will be gradually implemented with new content throughout the next year.

Created by Archimede Arte through funding from the Umbria Region, the portal also represents a useful guide to promote the initiatives of the bodies, institutions and associations that adhere to the project.

Perugino Portal 2023

Trying to enter this constantly updated showcase dedicated to Perugino, users will view a series of sections dedicated to the main partners of the initiative, to the artist’s biography, to all the works of the painter known in Italy, in Umbria and in the world, and then indulge in an all-round trip among the international museums that host the master’s precious works, from the Hampton Court Palace in London to the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
If the “Events” section is an invitation not to miss the study-meetings, the exhibitions and all the initiatives dedicated to what Agostino Chigi had defined “the best master of Italy”, under the heading “The impossible exhibition” you can explore a digital retrospective curated by Professor Francesco Federico Mancini, literally moving among masterpieces that offer an excursus of the artist’s production, from the period of maximum splendor – reached between Florence and the monumental Rome of the Popes – to the last Umbrian works of old age.

Perugino Portal 2023

Through their PC, tablet, smartphone, and even in augmented reality, the viewer will be able to move among some frescoes by Perugino made in different eras and places, enjoy video-pills with educational content, participate in a performance with 16th century music. , view in 3D the marble urn of the divine painter in Fontignano or the fresco on the back of the Porziuncola of Assisi. Through the platform – which contains the digitization of the entire building of Palazzo della Corgna in Città della Pieve, of Santa Maria dei Servi, of the Oratory of Nunziatella in Foligno and of the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime in Trevi – it will be possible to know the latest news relating to scientific investigations of a diagnostic nature on Perugino’s work in Santa Maria dei Servi in ​​Città della Pieve.

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