Riccardo Scamarcio is Caravaggio in the new film by Michele Placido

The film will debut on the big screen on November 3 The shadow of Caravaggio, staging the adventurous existence of an artist who strikes the contemporary collective imagination like few others. Directed by Michele Placido, a group of well-known names in Italian and French cinema will take on the seventeenth-century role of cardinals and commoners, nobles and boys, artists, prostitutes and inquisitors in a production by Goldenart and Rai Cinema: from Micaela Ramazzotti to Vinicio Marchioni , from Isabelle Huppert to Louis Garrel, and then Lolita Chammah, Tedua, Alessandro Haber, Moni Ovadia, Maurizio Donadoni, Lorenzo Lavia, Brenno Placido, Gianfranco Gallo, up to Riccardo Scamarcio in the title role.

Unlike the latest cinematographic products created around the titanic figure of Michelangelo Merisi, this is not a documentary, but a full-fledged narrative film. Will Placido and his team be able to restore Caravaggio’s soul? To convey to the audience the complexity and richness of his artistic and human parable? Hard to say now. Certainly the feature film will bring the story of a great painter to a much wider audience than that of art lovers, which has also expanded and diversified considerably in recent years.

At the center of the film, the protagonist’s “deep contradictions and darkness of torment”, which viewers will learn about following the plot of an excessive and controversial existence, generous with twists. Rebellious and restless, devoted and scandalous, independent and transgressive, Placido’s Caravaggio is “an artist cursed with absolute talent, but above all an ante litteram rock star, a rebel without a cause forced to face the disturbing implications of a reckless life – with its women and its demons – in which genius and recklessness coexist to give us a timeless character and a fascinating and universal icon “, promises the text released in preview by 01 Distribution , which handles the distribution of the film for Rai Cinema.

The trailer is already available, to the delight of fans and onlookers:

The shadow of Caravaggio – the trailer I Courtesy of 01 Distribution

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