From Guido Reni to the mysteries of Tutankhamun, the week of art on TV

Guido Reni, The massacre of the innocents, 1611. National Picture Gallery of Bologna

In 1922, after a sleep that lasted three millennia, Tutankhamun’s tomb emerged intact from the subsoil of the Valley of the Kings with its immense treasure, delivering the charm of the Golden Boy to the world.
There is not only archeology, with a docufilm retracing this extraordinary discovery, on the television schedule from 31 October to 6 November. From the silent revolution of the Carracci brothers to the first time on TV by Guido Reni, here are the appointments with art on the small screen.

Art Rider in Friuli | Courtesy Rai 5

On Rai 5 Andrea Angelucci on the trail of Attila
This week the journey of Rai 5 among the wonders of the beautiful country begins in the company of the young archaeologist Andrea Angelucci. Wednesday 2 November at 9.15 pm the second episode of the new series of Art Rider, the format in search of the lesser-known art places in Italy, accompanies the public from Torcello, one of the oldest and most prosperous settlements in the northern Venetian lagoon, to Monte San Michele, a relief of the Karst between the municipalities of Sagrado and Savogna d’Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia.
Always fascinated by the character of Attila, Andrea sets out on the trail of the limestone seat called “Attila’s throne”, to remember the turbulent events linked to the “Scourge of God” that upset the north-east of Italy. Together with him, the spectator will set off towards a somewhat special “door” that has allowed the Nordic populations to enter Italy. The episode, directed by Francesco Principini and texts by Paolo Fazzini and Chiara Vannoni and by Andrea Angelucci himself, will touch various locations, going through little known and less traveled paths.

The mysteries of Tutankhamun premiered on Su Sky Arte
Thursday 3 November at 5.10 pm a journey made up of special encounters and discoveries in the company of art advisor Marco Riccomini leads face to face with the revolutionary art of the Carracci brothers. Carracci – the silent revolution it tells the essence of what we could consider the first artistic collective in history. Much more than simple painters, we find them in Bologna where they founded the Accademia degli Incamminati, a school in which students learned to focus on the reproduction of the real rather than the plausible. In his journey conceived as a road-mentary, Marco Riccòmini reveals the places where the Carraccis or their works have landed, in a succession of meetings in cafes, bookshops, museums, streets and palaces.
Starting from the four corners of the western world we will arrive in Bologna, where the three Carraccis worked together in the second half of the sixteenth century, in particular at Palazzo Magnani and Palazzo Fava.
Just stay tuned to Sky to not get lost, on Thursday 3 November at 9.15 pm, a first vision signed by Sky Original that leads among the brushes of Guido Reni. For the series Great Masters – a fascinating journey that tells the life of the masters of Italian art through their masterpieces – we meet the Bolognese painter. The perfection of the forms and the otherworldly vision are the dominant motifs of his art that tends towards a metaphysical, abstract world, leading the most rigorous and classicist painter of all the Italian seventeenth century to surprising results. To present it to the public accompanying it among grandiose masterpieces such as theAurorathe Glory of St. Dominicfresco of the Basilica of San Domenico in Bologna, or the Massacre of the Innocentsexhibited in the National Art Gallery of Bologna, will be the writer Daniele Benati and Barbara Ghelfi, doctor in art history.

Tutankhamun. The last exhibition, inlaid canopic casket dedicated to Imseti and Isis | © Laboratoriorosso Productions

From painting to archeology. Exactly one century after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, on Friday 4 November in the first vision at 9.15 pm, the voice of Manuel Agnelli takes us on a journey to Egypt in the backstage of the last exhibition dedicated to the pharaoh. Directed by Ernesto Pagano Tutankhamun. The last exhibition brings to life on the small screen the magic of a discovery that changed the history of archeology. The starting point of the cinematographic story is the exhibition King Tut. Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh, which in 2019 saw the wonders discovered around the child king leave for the last time on an international tour. The spectacular images of the photographer Sandro Vannini, the only one in recent years to have had access to the treasure exceptionally exhibited outside the windows, testify how the objects damaged during the 2011 revolution have regained their former glory thanks to the restorations. From the rooms of the Egyptian Museum in Piazza Tarhir, in Cairo, and from the laboratories of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, you can fly to the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Griffith Institute in Oxford, on the trail of the archaeological research that, over time, have tried to do light on a figure with uncertain outlines.

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1889, Oil on canvas, 95 x 73 cm, Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum / Vincent van Gogh Foundation | Courtesy Van Gogh Museum

The week of art on Sky ends among the villages. Sunday 6 November at 9.15 pm in first viewing A mouthful of art accompanies the public in 20 villages of twenty Italian regions in the company of 20 artists, protagonists of the widespread contemporary art project that enhances the encounter between the artistic, historical and landscape heritage of the beautiful country.

On Arte tv Van Gogh superstar
Van Gogh did not paint straight away, but he was very methodical and was inspired above all by Japanese prints, of which he was a great collector, and by the “crust” on canvas by Adolphe Monticelli. It is not true that he never sold paintings while he was alive. As for the gun found in a meadow in Auvers-sur-Oise and bought at auction for 130,000 euros, there is no scientific evidence that he used it to kill himself. These are some of the goodies revealed by the documentary Vincent Van Gogh superstar. The true story of the Dutch painter, which takes its cue from the exhibition at the Het Noordbrabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland) to dispel various myths that do not always do justice to the painter’s work. The real life of the master Van Gogh tells of a person from a bourgeois family, pragmatic, capable of adapting to changes in the art market, but also of a merchant who created with his brother Theo an authentic “corporation” capable of generating income from now 130 years.

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